Friday, September 12, 2008


This year, Cousin Deet started a blog. Cousin Deet is a very talented lady who makes all kinds of crafts, takes amazing pictures, and is into food like me. She is interested in everything, and her blog is so cool. So after spending the last 6 months or so envying her, I thought hey - maybe I can start a blog too! But I don't knit or take pictures or anything like that. So I asked myself what my thing is - what have I done that I am most proud of? And I kind of surprised myself with my answer. I have raised 2 kids to adulthood. It hasn't always been easy. So I'm gonna name this blog Mama K.

H came first. The girl I had always wanted. A shy, dainty thing who ended up being an athlete. Not at all like this mama. H's middle name is Grace. She was named after her paternal grandma, who died in her 50s. I never met Grace, but I wish I had. But sometimes H will do or say something and I think she embodies her middle name.

J came next. Now I had one of each. He was a delightful baby - always smiling and a nice big roly-poly thing with a healthy appetite.  As he grew, he exhibited some challenging behaviors that aged his parents.  But he always had a good heart.

Then there's hubby.  He's not a kid, but he brings me great joy when he acts like one.  My favorite image of him, ever, is when he went outside with Bing, our oldest cat, and was trying to get Bing to slide down the slide.  He didn't know that we were watching, but there I am with H and J saying OMG, look at that middle aged balding man trying to get that cat to slide down the slide.

And our canine and feline friends round out the family.  Pepper the dog, and the felines Bing, Milo and Missy.  They round out this very interesting family.

I think most of the growing up years were like a bad version of Rosanne.  And as stories occur to me, I will relay them.  


Jeanie said...

It shows up and I got it! That's a plus!

Don't be totally disheartened about losing the other; if it's for the reason you think, that's a problem; but I had troubles when I was first starting, too.

Start with little, more or less inconsequential posts before you start doing tons of time with it. You'll get it and it'll be great!

BONNIE K said...

cool - my first comment!

Jeanie said...

I'm so glad you are writing about what you know and love so well! I'm really enjoying your entries!