Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Cast Away Christmas

With the holidays approaching, I got to thinking about past holidays. We spend Christmas eve and Christmas day with David's family and it's always a good time.

Eight years ago, I was a frazzled mom. Things were not going well on the parenting front. We were expecting the family for Christmas eve and the house was pretty much ready and the food was done. The kids then started to fight with each other, and in the process, they broke a beautiful pottery dish I had bought at an art show. That was the final straw for me that day. With our company set to arrive any minute, I knew I couldn't handle another minute of this family life. So I got in my car (in the middle of a heavy snowfall) and just set out to drive. I had no idea where I would go, but for some reason, being in my car felt like the only place I could be and not lose my mind.

I thought about driving to a park and getting out and sitting on the ground, with the hope that I would freeze to death and end this pain. But I couldn't do that. So I decided to go to a movie theater, even though there were no movies I was burning to see. I drove to the theater, parked my car, walked in and got in line behind every other individual who didn't celebrate Christmas. It was the first time I had ever gone to a movie by myself. The movie was Cast Away. I settled down in my seat, wondered if I should call my husband to let him know where I was, and decided I just needed space from everyone in my family.

I was able to get very involved in the movie, which was a good thing. The movie ended and I drove home, much more at peace with myself. I came inside and the family was all gathered around and there was a fire in the fireplace. No one knew what to make of me and if I recall correctly, very little was said about my absence. I just joined them all as if my absence was nothing to be questioned.

For some unknown reason, I kept the broken plate. I had meant to try to glue it together, but I never did. So whenever I am getting something out of the china cabinet, I see that plate and it's a reminder of that night. I can't bring myself to get rid of that plate. I'm not sure why...


Anonymous said...

I never knew this story, so it is probably nice to know that no one in the family blabbed about this -- I would have remembered. But when I think back about eight years, I can see right where you were coming from. We do what we have to do. It keeps us sane. I'm just glad you opted for a good movie instead of the snowbank.

And, equally, I'm glad you kept the plate. I think reminders like that are important. They not only help you see where you have been and what the world was like, but where you are now, and that's worth remembering! -- from deet, who is signing in as anonymous because blogger won't let me comment. Bet I'm not signed in. Sigh.

Mich said...

I loved this post. I'm glad you opted for the movie instead of sitting on the cold ground.

AOM-1 said...

So, as you might expect, Iwanna see this plate....

I think some force greater than any of you steered you to that movie theater, to see that movie, on that occasion.

I, like Deet, am glad that you stayed clear of the snow option.....I need my periodic grilled cheese/soup/dessert fix, ya know~