Monday, October 26, 2009

There's Nothing Official Wrong With Me!

It has always been a fear of mine, when I schedule a doctor's visit, that there will be nothing wrong with me and he will wonder why I am wasting his time.

So that fear was realized today.

When we were at a wedding in MI, 16 days ago, I was hit with some kind of bug. I felt miserable. Lots of coughing. No fever. Sore throat. My chest hurt. Every time I tried to talk, I would go into spasms of coughing. My voice was barely hanging in there. A few days after the onset of my yuckiness, my son had a 104 temp. I had had my flu shot exactly 15 days before. He was diagnosed with the flu, Type A.

He got better. My thing kept hanging on. I read all the symptoms of the regular flu and H1n1 about a hundred times. I googled pneumonia. I googled bronchitis. People who work with me were tired of hearing me hack away. My family was getting tired of listening to me. Everyone said "when are you gonna call a dr?"

So today I got to work and received emails from some friends: "Call a dr. This has been hanging around too long." I thought well it's Monday. The dr's office will be filled with people much sicker than me. I am able to function. Finally, I just called the dr's office and waited on hold, listening to a recorded message for 15 minutes while I hacked away. I must have done a good job at describing my symptoms, because amazingly, I got an appointment for today.

I got there and described my symptoms. He sent me for a chest x-ray. He gave me a breathing test. The verdict: "all normal." I thought oh hell. I was hoping for some official diagnosis. I felt like an idiot for wasting everyone's time. He prescribed an inhaler for me and told me to call if I'm not better in 2 weeks.

Not better? But there's nothing wrong with me! I came home and went to bed.

For someone who has nothing wrong, I certainly feel like crap.


velva said...

Sounds like a viral infection. Better keep an eye on it, if you are not feeling better in a few days, I would hang on the phone another 15 minutes to get back in to see your doctor.
Hope you are feeling better soon.

Tammy Howard said...

I hope you're feeling better soon!

(even though, you know, there's nothing wrong...)

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

You need to get the "nothing wrong" flu taken care of so it doesn't turn into "something's wrong" kind. Get rest!

It's always better to go and check just in case it is something more serious, before it's too late!

Jeanie said...

Well, I'm so glad you went. Glad you got the inhaler -- that will help, I think. I'm inclined to agree with Velva because you've just got to be proactive with those folks and I learned the hard way that viral can turn into bacterial. Rest and sleep (that is what sick time is for) and get yourself down. I have learned that when the colleagues start to rag on you, it's gone too far! Take care. Tea and toast and sleep. Chocolate is good, too!

Euri said...

Well, I'm glad the docs think you're "normal." Sometimes, you know your body best though. It could any number of things but sometimes good old rest is what's in order. Feel better!

Delaney said...

Better safe than sorry and it's a good thing you went to the doc. If you don't feel better soon (and I hope you do) then don't hesitate to go back to the doc. That's their job so don't sweat it.

Sandy said...

That's half the reason I hate to go to the doctor....most of the time there's "nothing official wrong." Feel better soon.

Rebecca said...

Aw! I know what you mean with these things. Plus, it is always a good feeling to HAVE to go to bed all day because you OFFICIALLY have something.

Hope you're doing better now. :)