Monday, May 18, 2009

Tidbits from a Monday

I don't like to complain, but I will. I just don't have much energy. I get up early, go to work, come home and I am dead to the world. Every day I say "I will not take a nap today" but the second I get home, I am hobbling up the steps to my room. I don't know why I get this tired every day. I'm not THAT old. But I guess my body feels old.

Today I got to work and found that our computer system was down. I was able to work in Word and I was able to send and receive emails. But the calls I get require me to log info into the computer system. Usually Monday is the busiest day of the week, but today was not as busy as most. I hate answering the phone and people want me to give them information and I can't. And then, on top of that, the roofers are working on the roof at work. I am on the top floor of our 3 story building, so they are right above my head. I don't know what they're doing up there, but it sounds like they are taking a 2 ton machine and crashing it on the roof and I am filled with anxiety as I wait for the roofers and the machine to come crashing through the roof on my head. I find myself yelling "Jesus" all day long. I wonder if that's a Jewish thing. AND, each time they bang on the roof, these big crumbs of dirt come flying through the ceiling and settle on my desk, my hair, you name it.

So I came home exhausted and fought myself over a nap and thought why am I fighting? I need a nap. But I kept it short, and then I went out with old Pepper the dog to work on the garden. I had my little headphones on with music blasting. Pepper used to follow me to the flower garden and lie down with me there, but she is no longer willing to walk that far. So she stays very close to the house and seems content to occasionally roll in the grass.

I love the fresh air. I love getting lost in dirt and weeds. The way I handle ALL big projects is the same - I chip away at it, bit by bit. So I just picked a small part of the garden, dug, sat on my little kid's chair and took great delight in pulling weeds. I think the older I get, the more I take great joy in mindless activities.

And while I love to cook, lately my goal is to expend the least amount of energy to get dinner on the table. Tonight it was hot dogs. With store purchased cole slaw and potato salad. I am really going downhill. I remember years ago, I went to visit one of our claims offices in another city. There were 2 ladies who worked there. One lady came in and said "I reached the lowest of lows last night." The other lady asked what happened. The first lady said " my husband is out of town, so I made mashed potatoes for dinner and just ate them out of the pan." The other lady asked "were they instant or real?" "Real," the first lady replied. "You didn't reach the lowest of lows," said the second one. And that exchange always amused me, and still keeps me amused, 10+ years later.

After dinner, it was time to just plop on the couch and watch a rerun of Two and a Half Men and then Jeopardy.

And I'm embarrassed to say I'm ready for bed.


Jen said...

It's funny I feel the same way about naps, I do fight them but I don't know why, and right now at 8:30 I want nothing more than to go to bed. I can't but I really want to. I can't imagine having roofers over my head all day but I should since I noticed yesterday that I really need a new roof since most of my shingles were on the ground and I am not praying it doesn't rain this summer. I'm going to bed now.

Trish said...

I don't take naps, but I found myself agreeing with so much of what you made me feel better to know that there is at least one other person who feels like I do!

anno said...

With all that racket you described going on overhead, I would collapse with a migraine by 9:30 a.m., so I think you're doing pretty well to last out the day.

I don't really take naps, but I have been known to go to bed at 7 pm....

Anonymous said...

I am embarrassed to say that I napped twice today - I just couldn't keep my eyes open! I know that the six hours of sleep I get at night aren't enough, but I can't seem to get to bed any earlier, and I have things to do in the mornings so I can't wake up any later. I always say that I'm not going to nap, but then I am overwhelmed by the tiredness, and that's the end of that promise. I envy those of you that say you are ready for bed in the early evening - here it's 12:43 and I still have lots to do. That probably means there will be another nap tomorrow.

Jeanie said...

Hey, we all get that way sometimes! Remember, you were coming off a pretty intense schedule with the play and all that work stress sounds awful.

I have the toughest time napping in daylight -- if I do, I'm probably sick, not tired! And, if I might add to others who read comments, you're the best cook in the family, and if you opt for hot dogs and cole slaw as a change of pace, I don't think anyone should say a word!

Anonymous said...

I understand where you are coming from and I'm retired so I don't have the excuse of having worked all day. Since Hubby is on the road for his work and I am by myself I fixed Mac N Cheese and ate the whole thing with nothing else. I hate cooking for one person. I envy the people that have all sorts of energy cause I sure ain't one of them. :0)

Shirley said...

I remember those, work, work. And being so tired at the end of the day you can't even expend the energy to think. Now I'm retired and you have no idea how much I love it. I still get tired, but it's because I'm doing things I enjoy. What a difference. Your day will come.

Funny story about the mashed potatoes.

Laura said...

I often get myself through my 45 minute commute knowing that I will be able to stretch out on the couch for a nap. There is just no way I can go from 5am to anything past 4pm without a little nap. Is it old or is it my body? I prefer the latter.

I love that exchange. Oftentimes my daughter wants ramen noodles for dinner, and I make her prepare it herself. Expectations, we need to change expectations.