Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Night of No Sleeping

I have found that Sunday nights are usually my worst, in terms of not being able to sleep. But last night was really ridiculous.

For some reason, I felt the need to worry about anything and everything.

My son lost his wallet. Who took it? Why? Did we need to worry about identity theft? Could it be lost in his car? How much money did he lose?

I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for this morning. Would I have gained weight? What is the lightest thing I could wear to the appointment?

I needed to get more exercise. Would I have enough energy to get up before my doctor's appointment and take a walk? If I did, would I be able to stop sweating after my shower? I didn't want to subject my doctor to my sweating body.

Over the weekend, I had read twice about the 10/10/10 rule. That rule suggests that with every complicated decision you make, you should consider how it will affect your life in 10 minutes, 10 months and 10 years. Well, let's face it - most worries will continue to be a worry 10 minutes from now. But 10 months or 10 years? Hell, there will be new things to worry about then!

This started at 3:00 AM. I stayed in bed for a while, trying to convince myself that nothing would matter in 10 years. It didn't work. I came downstairs at 4:15 AM. I let old Pepper the dog out. As I opened the door, I saw a car driving very slowly down our quiet street. Who could that be? What was that car doing? I finally realized it was the lady who delivers our paper, come rain or shine. I had no idea she arrived so early every day.

I read emails. I don't know why I subscribe to the New York Times via email. It comes way too often! I never have time to read it! And the only email waiting for me in the middle of the night is usually from my sister Laurie, who keeps bizarre hours.

At 4:30, I finally went back up to bed and turned on my lamp to read. I then noticed a fly that was buzzing around the lamp shade. I watched and listened to it for a while, and it became increasingly more annoying. I finally banged my book against the lamp shade. Well, that did 3 things. It woke David up; it caused tons of dust to fly thru the air – it’s one of those pleated shades that collects dust; and it caused Milo the cat to come racing over to see what was going on. Milo immediately made it his goal to kill the damn fly, which I missed when I banged the lamp shade. Milo got inside the shade and started pawing it, and the fly flew below my nightstand, as did Milo, and then Milo emerged, seemingly victorious, and climbed on David to sleep.
Mission accomplished. Easy for Milo to then relax; he's a cat. He doesn't have to get up in the morning!

I finally fell asleep at 6:30, only to be woken by the alarm at 6:45. I actually was glad the alarm went off, because that meant this awful night had come to an end!


Sandy said...

I am not the best sleeper but you tried all the things I do in an attempt to get back to sleep with not a lot of success. Although I have stopped getting up and going down tot he computer. That really gets me going. I do usually turn my reading lamp on and try to read myself back to sleep. I'm not one to take drugs nor recommend them BUT have you tried an over the counter sleep aid?? Might be worth a try.

BONNIE K said...

Sandy - I have tried generic benadryl, which works like a charm about 2/3 of the time. Thanks for the reminder. I need to do that again.l

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I had a giggle at your mention of wearing something light to your doctor's appointment. Sounds familiar.

Never heard of 10/10/10. That's a good way to look at things.

Better luck tonight.

anno said...

Those sleepless nights are rough. Valerian sometimes works for me, but it can take a day or two for it to kick in. Acupuncture might be worth looking into; it's made a huge difference for me.

Here's wishing you a better night's sleep tonight.

Jeanie said...

This cracks me up! I actually called the police once because of the slow car that I later learned was the paper car! Hope you get a better rest tonight -- I hate it when I have nights like that, but you're not alone!

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Hopefully you've had a wonderful sleep last night, or perhaps still are!

Delaney said...

I tend to run either no sleep or too much sleep. I never manage to work it out right but I really hate the sleepless nights. They are the worst! I hope you are doing better.