Monday, June 29, 2009

Me and Heather and a Dead Mouse

Last night, when I was so tired from my lack of sleep, I was looking forward to bedtime. David and Joe went to see Hangover, and I was home with Heather (age 21). It suddenly started to pour, and I quickly opened the door to let Bing the Cat in, and then I ran upstairs to close the windows.

As I was coming down the stairs, I saw a dead mouse in the hall. I assume Bing brought it in to proudly show us what he had been doing outside.

Me: (screaming) "HEATHER!!!"
Heather: "WHAT?"
Me: "There's a dead mouse in the front hall!!!"
Heather: "So what do you want me to do?"
Me: "KILL IT!"
Heather: "NO - you kill it!"
Me: "I can't."

I did venture a little closer to make sure it was dead. Today I was discussing with a co-worker whether it's better to find a dead mouse or a live mouse, and we agreed it would be better to find a dead one. I thought ok, maybe I can pick it up with an oven mitt. But that was just too gross for me to handle. So I moved the garbage can into the hall and got a broom and a dustpan.

Heather (annoyed): "WHAT?"
Me: "Come and help me."

Amazingly, Heather appeared. I handed her the dust pan.

Heather: "You're giving me a dustpan?"
Me: "yes. I'll sweep it in and you hold the dustpan."

Amazingly, she took the dust pan. I took that broom and swung like it was a golf club. We both screamed. It landed in the dust pan.

Me: "Throw it in the trash!"

She did.

Me: "Help me close the trash."

She did.

I grabbed the trash bag, screamed, and ran outside with it.

We are such wusses.


Carole said...

OMG I was totally LOL!!!!!!!! That would TOTALLY be me and my DD!!! You are not wussess! That is totally yucky!!! LOL!!

Trish said...

Oh, my - that is so funny! Reminded me of all the times our cat did that...and sometimes brought just 'part' of the mouse...shudder!
Thanks for the laugh!

Toro said...

You are indeed wusses!

Jeanie said...

Ha! I love it -- "There's a dead mouse! Kill it!"

The Gyp cheerfully brought me a mouse I thought was dead at the lake last summer. "Drop it," I said (and the cat that doesn't do much by command miraculously obeyed. The mouse ran and we were on a chase, finally nailing it in a corner under a wastebasket, which I walked about three blocks away to dump in the woods!

I wish you could get rid of my giant ants and kitchen moths...

Jeff said...

Funny. I like how the first instinct at the arrival of a Dead mouse is to kill it(!)
I found a dead mouse this morning and now is my first night sleeping with the thought of mice crawling around my apt.....
But now I wonder - why was it dead in the middle of my room??? what happened? did it eat some of my food and just keel over? uh oh.