Monday, December 28, 2009

Angel Clare

A few months ago, an old college friend, Richard, sent me a downloaded song called Woyaya.

I cannot figure out how to download the video (from youtube) or add the music to this video. If anyone on blogger knows how to do these things, please enlighten me! But if you have the time and inclination, click on the link. I think this song is so beautiful.

Anyway, I opened his email and this beautiful music started to play. Music we listened to in college. Richard and Larry shared a room in our co-ed dorm, and all these memories burst forth of a group of us hanging out in their room. There was a rocking chair in that room, and I can't remember if it was Larry or Richard who sat in that chair, but one of them did, and several of us would sit there with the lights out, as we listened to the music of the day.

This was at York University, in the outskirts of Toronto. Our favorite outing was to take the bus and subway to downtown Toronto, where we would travel down Yonge Street and buy our favorite thing - albums. It was so exciting to come back to the dorm with a new album.

When I think of my years at York U, my memories are never of classes. Other than the one on body language where they hired a nude model for the class to discuss his body language. That was my only memorable class. All those thousands of dollars spent, and my main memory was gathering in Richard and Larry's room to listen to music.

When I opened Richard's email and heard the music, it just brought me back to 1975, a very carefree time. And I asked Richard the name of the album that this song was on, and he told me it was on Angel Clare. So I added it to my "wish list" for Christmas this year, and I was so happy when I opened it up.

Last night was the first big snowfall here in Cleveland. I HATE driving in the snow. I woke up this morning and thought well I better head out early to avoid the traffic, cause I drive very slowly in the snow. So I got in my car, popped that new CD in, and I'm telling you, the next 40 minutes (usually 30 but not when you're driving as slow as me) was pure enjoyment. Such beautiful songs on this album.

While I wanted the CD for Woyaya, I discovered another beautiful song called Old Man, written by Randy Newman:

(Randy Newman)
Everyone has gone away,
Can you hear me? Can you hear me?
No one cared enough to stay,
Can you hear me?

You must remember me, Old Man,
I know that you can if you try,
So just open up your eyes, Old Man,
Look who's come to say, "Good-bye."

The sun has left the sky, Old Man,
The birds have flown away,
And no one came to cry Old Man,
Good-bye, Old Man, good-bye.

You want to stay, I know you do,
But it ain't no use to try,
'Cause I'll be here, and I'm just like you.
Good-bye, Old Man, good-bye.

Won't be no God to comfort you,
You taught me not to believe that lie.
You don't need anybody,
Nobody needs you,
Don't cry, Old Man, don't cry.
Everybody dies.


Yolanda said...

I just found your blog . I hope you have a wonderful 2010

croneandbearit said...

Isn't amazing how music can take you someplace else immediately? I hear a certain song and it brings back memories, smells, sounds, I love it! Wish I could help w/video but I only know how to do it for Wordpress - I'm so technologically challenged.

The Last Post said...

I agree with croneandbearit it is amazing how a song can bring back so many memories. There is a piece of music called Watermark by Enya and whenever I hear that I am right back in Devon on my holidays.

Sorry I cannot help with the video either. I don't even know how to do it on Wordpress.

Wishing you and your family a very happy and peaceful new year.

Laura said...

The power of music to transport us beyond traffic. When I'm in the car, I need to have music on otherwise any drive is a drag.

Jeanie said...

Bonnie, this is a wonderful post. I think I believe that apart from maybe if you're learning some basic things you need to know to get a job (like brain surgery or mechanical engineering), the main point of college is to expand our universe, teach us about friendship, introduce us to things we may not have otherwise discovered. I remember few of my classes but a lot of my experiences, that's for sure!

I'm inclined to think music and scent are the two things that take us back the most. I'm glad you reconnected with friends and discovered this wonderful release. I'll have to click and listen.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I rarely drive without music. Makes the trip much more enjoyable!

Sandy said...

You sound like me.....when I hear a song from back then, I know exactly where I was when I heard it for the first time. I often listen to the 60's station on satellite radio and can usually remember every word of every song. Funny how that works.