Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our Visit to See Deepak Chopra

Years ago, a co-worker was offered several tickets to see Deepak Chopra at Severance Hall in Cleveland. He offered me two tickets and I gladly accepted. I tried to convince my husband to go, but he had no interest. I gave him the this-can-improve-your-life plea, but he continued to decline. So I invited my friend Sharon. We looked forward to an evening out with perhaps some spirituality thrown in.

We arrived at Severance Hall and showed our tickets. The usher told us to continue walking up the stairs. We got to the next level, and the usher on that floor told us the same thing. We arrived at the next floor huffing and puffing and I told the usher there that he better not tell us to continue walking up another flight of stairs. He looked sheepish. I said so we have to continue walking, huh? And he smiled and said yes.

As it turned out, our seats were in the highest part of the concert hall, which is very high. OK, we had expected better but we still looked forward to this evening. Til we sat down. These seats had the smallest amount of leg room I have ever experienced. I am someone who needs to stretch her legs out frequently, and this wasn't working real well. We finally arranged it so that Sharon, who had an end seat, moved her legs to the aisle so that I could use her leg space for my legs.

Deepak started talking and told a few amusing stories that had the audience laughing. Then he got into the serious stuff. My mind started to wander. My mind has always wandered when I'm forced to sit and listen to someone, but I somehow thought this subject matter would engage me. Wrong. Several times I tried to pull my brain back in, but by that point, I had no idea what the man was talking about. That was when Sharon turned to me and whispered "I have no idea what he's talking about." I should add here that Sharon and I have a bad habit of laughing, uncontrollably, at the most inopportune times. Many years ago, we had gone to see Terms of Endearment, and the entire theater was in tears, and it struck us how funny it was that all these people had paid money to go and cry, and we became hysterical. In the midst of all the sniffling, you could hear our snorts as we told each other to shut up, because if one wouldn't stop, the other wouldn't stop.

So there we sat, in our tiny seats, laughing hysterically, as Deepak gave his words of wisdom to his large audience. We could not stop.

Intermission could not come soon enough. As soon as it came, we looked at each other and didn't have to say a word. We both stood up, grabbed our purses and walked out.

Down the many steps.

When we finally got to the bottom, there was a table set up, with Deepak. No people were there yet. He was there at intermission to sign books. And we had to walk right past him to get to our cars.

That got us started all over again.


Sharon said...

I remember that night like it was yesterday and I still laugh about it. Although it certainly wasn't for the intended reason, I ended up having a great time!

And I still can't watch "Terms of Endearment" without a chuckle.

Jeanie said...

You should have taken Patty with you! And Severance is HUGE! We've shown Deepak shows -- they used to make more sense than they have recently! I just saw him on a clip doing meditation or something with -- was it Jay? Conan? Someone like that -- pretty funny. Too bad he couldn't have brought that to the table. Well, sometimes you've just got to leave -- probably a good thing David didn't go!

My verification word is pibidat. Isn't that a great word?

The Last Post said...

The laughter probably did you more good than any life changing lecture.

If ever I get the giggles the more I try to stop the worse I become so you are not alone.

I wish I had been there with you.

Ellen said...

It sure is fun to act immature at times but the next time you feel the giggles coming on, try biting the inside of your cheek. The pain will make you forget about laughing !!!!

fullsoulahead.com said...

I have enjoyed some of Deepak's audio books in the past, but now you've got me laughing!

If joy is the goal in life, I think you got your money's worth!

P.S. Are you in Cleveland?

Together We Save said...

Oh my... I have such a hard time staying focused I would not have made it to intermission.

Traci said...

What a funny story! My husband is an inopportune laugh-er. When he gets nervous or uncomfortable, he starts giggling. At our wedding, he started and my dad misunderstood. He thought that he was crying, so he stood up and handed him a handkerchief. Which made his groomsmen start to laugh which made my husband laugh even more. You can imagine where it went from there.

*deni* said...

Just shows you can have fun even doing something boring as long as the company is good!

Together We Save said...

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping back by!!

Jan (Thanks For Today) said...

Just read your comment about your amaryllis...and you are NOT dumb! Now you know, so that's what counts! After this stalk's blooms die, it probably won't put up any more until next year, so just cut it down and put it in a dark cool place, like a garage, and then maybe in the fall take it inside...and see what might happen! OH, by the way, I like Deepok too, but I totally understand why you might have left;-) Thanks for stopping by!

Rebecca said...

That is too funny! Now I'm giggling!

P.S. It's better than falling asleep and snoring, like some people I know would have done!