Friday, April 3, 2009

Being Lazy

David and I subscribe to a series of Broadway shows at the downtown Cleveland Playhouse Square. We have been subscribers for over 20 years. Every year we get a renewal form and they ask if we want to keep the same seats and we say YES.

Our seats are in the last row of the orchestra section, and one is an end seat (a must for David). Not long after we joined, they turned our row into the disabled row. Our two seats are still there, attached to the floor, but the other seats are individual chairs, so people with wheelchairs can have access. The best part is the huge amount of leg room we have. It has spoiled us tremendously, because whenever we have seen shows with different seats, we feel claustrophobic. There is so much space in front of our seats that many use it as a row to cut through instead of standing in the long lines to get out.

One year the theater called to ask if we are disabled. David said no. So they moved our seats! It was terrible. We were moved back several rows. We complained, cause your seats are only supposed to stay the same or get better the longer you are a subscriber, and we got our disabled seats back.

Well we had a show tonight. I try to take off Fridays when I have a show, cause I don't have much energy to begin with, but when I have to drive downtown, drive home, drive back downtown and back home, I am not happy. But I couldn't take off today. So I left at 3:00. It was very cold and rainy. I got home and got under the covers, and David joined me. When I opened my eyes, it was 6:10. We normally leave at 6:30. I said "David, it's 6:10!" and he said "so what are we doing?" I said "well we're either going to the show or not going to the show." Not a tough decision for him, because he had been complaining that he would miss the Cavs game tonight. We had never heard of the show ("I Love You Because"), and the thought of getting dressed, driving downtown, walking in the cold wind - just wasn't appealing.

So we're hanging out at home. David and Joe are watching the Cavs. David announced "we have a serious problem in our house." I thought oh no, what big expenditure did he find now? I asked what, and he said "we have no cookies in this house." I remembered that I had bought these frozen snickerdoodles from Trader Joe's and I said I can make them. He was quite happy about that.

So I preheated the oven, and placed the pre-cut cookies on a cookie sheet, and I smiled to myself as I thought of all the blogs I subscribe to, where they show the bowl of dough being mixed and then the final product. Eighteen minutes later, voila, they were done. They are QUITE good. And quite easy.

I needed this lazy night.

And I will admit to further laziness in that I didn't photograph these cookies - I found a picture online.


Jeanie said...

Ha! I know just what you mean -- is it the weather, the post surgery, the back to work? I don't know, but I was so tired I came home yesterday and fell asleep -- and I NEVER do that! We did make it out to our Friday dinner, but after that, it was home to bed.

That's why we don't get season tickets anymore -- they're pricey, and it IS a better deal when you get the series, but sometimes you're gone or you just don't feel like going. Sounds like you guys had a lovely at-home evening, and sometimes that's what it's all about. (When I next go to TJs, I've got to get some of those!)

Sharon said...

If I would have known about the cookies, you would have had company. I love Snickerdoodles.

Mich said...

Stan and I missed a concert at Blossom -- one that we had looked forward to and everything -- because it was on a Sunday night and we were just too comfy to leave the house. I forget who was playing, but I do remember how good it felt to stay home.

Delaney said...

You are entitled to a lazy day and it sounds like you enjoyed it way more than if you had gone to the theater.

Sharon said...

Love the festive new background.

Bella Rum said...

You're my kinda girl and that's my kinda evening. Although, I do love going to plays, sometimes an evening at home is just what the doctor ordered.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

lol. That's not laziness K, that's efficiency!

Carole said...

LOL! Good for you - I totally make cookies from frozen store-bought dough too!!! Thanks for admitting it and making me feel better! :-D

Laura said...

My hat's off to laziness. Nothing beats it on a lazy, rainy day. Glad you could get all you wanted out of the day--show or not.