Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our Need for Space

These aren't mine, but I would love it if they were!

Yesterday hubby David and I went out together to run several errands. As we parked in one shopping plaza, I noticed a pet store. The last time I had been at this plaza, Heather had said "oh, let's go see the puppies!" And we had, and it was fun. I am not a big pet store person - we have always picked out our animals at the Animal Protective League, but who can resist looking at puppies? So we went in, and each cage had 2 or 3 puppies inside. And they were so sweet. I noticed they were all lying on top of each other in their cages, even though there was lots of room throughout the cage.

And I thought I guess we're born with that desire to cuddle up with other creatures. And somewhere along the way, we develop a need for space. I know that I have a strong need for space. If people get too close, I think ok, that's enough. I don't ever say "you're a little too close," but I do have a friend who will tell people to step back if they are too close.

I have spent a lot of time with parents of special needs kids, and a big commonality is that the kids don't understand or respect space. They are always standing too close. And we are always reminding them to give us more space.

And I'm thinking now that those kids are like the puppies. Maybe we should be more like them.


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

There was a fellow I worked with once who purposely got within inches of my face when he spoke to me because he wanted to break me of my need for space. He never did. I threatened to knee him if he did it again. I don't mind however, if a special needs person or child invades my space. Just annoying perverts.

Sharon said...

As I'm sure you would guess, I love the picture of the puppies. And I know that it would be nice if people were that way, too. However, the older I've gotten, the more I've become aware of the "space invaders" and I really get tense when someone is right there in my face!

Interestingly, I have no objection when a puppy is all over me!

Bella Rum said...

Oh, my gosh. That photo is so cute.

I knew a woman once who would get too close for comfort. It made me uncomfortable. I heard that they have classes to help people with that. They make them wear a hula hoop, and tell them to take notice of how far they are from another person when wearing it, and never go closer to another person than you could if you were in a hula hoop. Isn't that funny? Ha!

The Last Post said...

I have to admit I need my personal space. I sometimes wish I had one of those force fields you see in the Sci-fi films.

I love the picture of the puppies.

Jeanie said...

Space is one of my key issues. Not necessarily people being "in my face." I can do OK with that. In fact, I can be pretty clingy. Which is odd, because one of the things that drove me nuts about dad in later years was that he was so clingy!

It's more the personal space around me. If I had to put one reason why Rick and I don't and probably never will live in the same house (unless we're very old or totally regroup!) is that I cherish my space and my time in that space. Putting things the way I like, keeping the things I do (even if they should have long been tossed). Doing what I like when I want in that spot without having to worry about what others think.

Sometimes I think that's terribly selfish. Because I really DO love having people in my environment. I just don't want them there all the time!

(The "word" verification for this post is "countr" which reminds me of counters -- and kitchen counters -- which reminds me of Rick cleaning my kitchen and being bugged by the stuff on the counters... Space!

Sharon said...

Deet - I love your last paragraph!

Anonymous said...

It's funny, I love it when my pets snuggle with me but neither Hubby or I are the snuggle-up-together type sleepers. Don't get me wrong, we cuddle but then it's "get over on your side" sort of couple and it works fine, though the pets do snuggle more with me than him.