Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Musings

I have a pair of slippers I've had for many years. Too many years, I guess. They are so comfortable. They are suede with a hard rubber bottom, with a fleece lining. Well, after many years, they are torn - I mean like 6 inch slits - and the fleece is kind of hanging out. But I love these slippers. The other day, David said "you need new slippers" and I said "these work fine for me." I mean, it's not like I wear them out in public. Last night I was cleaning the dining room table and saw that he had left his beloved Cabela's catalogue open to the page on slippers. He doesn't get that I don't want new slippers! Some things are just fine the way they are. Even if they don't look it.

I heard a cat meowing earlier this evening. I went in search of a cat who might have been locked in a room or closet. I went past daughter Heather's room. She was in over the weekend, and she does not believe in making her bed. Well my oldest cat, Bing, who gets huge every winter cause he stays in (he slims down every summer) was all curled up in a ball on Heather's jumble of blankets and sheets. This big blonde ball. And I went to pet him, and it was pouring outside and you could hear the rain coming down, and I just thought I'm so glad we brought this animal home from the animal protective league 10 years ago and we supply him with a warm, dry, loving home, while he provides us with his own brand of love and lots of amusement.

I think 2 hours is just too long for an American Idol episode. I can only watch it if I'm reading a paper or doing laundry or dishes in between songs.


JessInFocus said...

Aww... He is just trying to be helpful. Can sew the slits together? :)

There is nothing better than a rescued pets love is there?

I can't watch American Idol period so I can't blame you. I'm not big on "reality" shows though. ;)

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

My husband bought me new sweat pants for Christmas 'cause he hated my old torn ones. I do wear them at times, but refuse to throw away the old ones because they are still my preferred pair. Drives him crazy!

Anonymous said...

Some people don't realize that the old scruffy stuff is simply broken in and super comfy. May not be pretty any more but what is wrong with that? Kinda like us getting older.

Rescued kitties are the best. We rescued Marvin and even with his quirks he is the best kitty around.

I quit watching AI years ago.

bella rum said...

I wear my slippers to death. They're so comfy but they look awful to others, I'm sure.

Jeanie said...

first, i'm not supposed to have favorites, but bing is my fave. period!

second, i ca't deal with idol. i'm with jess.

third, i know JUST what you mean about the slippers. they think they're being nice...more on that later.

finally, computer is so slow, but as to your next post -- RIGHT ON! age gives you permission in all the best ways... sure hope that one womann later came to her senses.